Assessments are set annually and are due prior to the due dates of January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1.   Accounts are delinquent immediately after the due date. Please plan for the processing time of your payment so it posts to your account in time. Balances must be brought to $0.00 before the 25th day of the month to avoid late fees and interest.

There are four payment options available to you, listed below. Your 11-digit Bill Pay Account Number and 8-digit Serial Account Number are located on your statement. You must reference these numbers when remitting payment; as it is the key that brings your payment to your account.    If you have misplaced your account number -- please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name and address:

OPTION 1 -- ACH grants permission for the Association to pull the quarterly assessment from your account. This service is free. The form is available HERE and requires a voided check. This is set up as a recurring service.  You can also sign up online HERE.  Please note, when you sign up for the service, it goes into effect for the next quarter.

OPTION 2 -- Make a one-time payment directly to the Association’s bank by logging directly into the Association’s bank.  E-check is free. If you choose to use a credit/debit card, the bank may charge a processing fee – please review carefully. Click HERE to use this option.  You need your Bill Pay Account Number and Serial/Unit Acct Number to make your payment.

OPTION 3 -- Mailing in your payment using the coupon tear off at the bottom of the statement.  This coupon is important to accompany your mailed in Payment.  Please ensure no other correspondence is included with your payment. Physical checks may be mailed to the check processing center for the Association’s operating account, which is located at:  {{Your Association Name}},  c/o Nexus Community Management,  PO Box 628207,   Orlando, FL 32862-8207.   Be sure to include your 11-digit Bill Pay Account Number and 8-digit Serial Account Number in the Memo section of the check!

OPTION 4 -- Through your personal bank, you may assign the Association as a payee – please ensure your 11-digit Bill Pay Account Number in the Memo section of the check.

Payee: {{Your Association Name}}
Payee Address: PO Box 628207   Orlando, FL 32862-8207
Payee Phone: (888)-722-6669
Bill Pay Account Number:  {{Your 11-digit number}}

Please note: Consumer banks are notorious for printing and mailing checks 1-2 days after your command, then US mail, then the check processing center, and finally posting to your account. Please ensure you build in enough time for your payment to be received prior to the due date.   Please ensure no other correspondence is included with your payment.